What do a car thief, a meth addict, and a prostitute have in common? 30-feet of steel-linked chains. They're part of a 15-woman chain gang, the only chain gang in America, helmed by a man who calls himself "the toughest Sheriff in America," Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Chained together and wearing jail-issued stripes, the women clear highway brush, pick up trash, paint over graffiti and bury homeless people. Some say it's inhumane. Others say if you're going to do the crime, you should do the time.

Prostitutes, drug addicts, thieves. Their crimes are as varied as their backgrounds. CHAIN GANG GIRLS reveals how these women got where they are and exposes them as much more than criminals - mothers, daughters, sisters, wives. But they are all equal on the chain. When one goes to the bathroom, they all go. When one's dragging, the rest have to pick up the slack. This intense military-style program pushes the women to their emotional limits. But, ultimately, the chains are just the beginning...

Laticia and her production team were granted special permission by the Sheriff to "chain up" for a day at the end of their six-week shoot in Phoenix, Arizona. Like all the other women on the Chain Gang, they donned jail stripes, shackled up and adhered to the military standards enforced by the sergeant and detention officers. It was an experience they will never forget!

Front to back:

Laticia Headings, Rena Ferrick, Patrick Van Beusekom

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Photos courtesy of Mic Waugh.

FANTASTIC FOOD FACTORIES: Sweet Tooth & Snack Attack

These shows highlight the science of making the world's favorite foods. Factories include: (Sweet Tooth) Jelly Belly, Peeps, Ben & Jerry's, Twinkies & Red Vines and (Snack Attack) Goldfish, Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels, Utz Potato Chips, Skippy Peanut Butter & Dale & Thomas Popcorn.

Conveyor belt of brightly colored jelly beans.

Army of Peeps marching to the "sugar blaster" where they will be coated with sugar in their signature yellow color.

Produced for National Geographic Channel. Featured in the NGC BLOG: